Everyone likes monsoon, monsoon is the season of fun and greenery but also invites health problems which is very difficult to deal with it but here are a few Health tips for you to stay fit and enjoy the rains.

Yoga : Yoga is the simplest workout to do inside your house. Try few asanas for at least 30 minutes in the morning and you’ll feel at peace and relaxed.

Clean your house: Best way to stay fit and lose weight is to indulge in cleaning floors, washing dishes, cleaning shelves etc. It also helps in keeping a good hygiene around us.

Dancing: If you like to dance then that can be an easy substitute for a workout. Play your favorite music and dance like whatever you want. This is fun way to enjoy your monsoon workout.

Step it up! : Climbing stairs is a very easy exercise and helps your heart-rate. Take time out and climb up and down the steps near you for 10-15 minutes. Do this regularly to stay fit in the monsoon.

Foods to avoid in rainy season

  1. Leafy vegetable: Its best to avoid them during the rainy season as the dampness makes them highly prone to germs. Say no to Spinach, Cabbage & Cauliflower etc., and Yes to bitter gourd, tinda, tori, kantola, parval etc.
  2. Fried food: Fried food is one of the item you should absolutely avoid this rainy season. Weather causes our digestion process to slow down. Fried food causes gastronomical complications like bloating & stomach ache. So better avoid fried food, especially from road side vendors.
  3. Avoid street food : Most of street food are generally prepared in the open. There is a chance of contamination with rain water which can cause Diarrhea or stomach infections.



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